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Our History

Edit Jungle is the younger sister of a Film & Television productions & Training company, Studio13UK

Both the companies have been founded by Amrit Basran, a highly skilled and experienced Editor, Director & Producer. He has worked on many amazing projects including film trailers and marketing pop videos for features films such as Bend It Like Beckham & Slumdog Millionaire.

He fully understands that wedding video and photography industry is a very demanding one. Every couple wants an epic wedding video and peerless images and they want them fast. He also understands the value of creating a master piece and delivering it on time. He believes that Edit Jungle will exceed your expectations and we will form a fully confidential and long term business relationship. 

Try our services. You will save more than what you spend with us.

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Our past work

Big Problem

You will agree with us that there are a few different types of groups of Wedding Videographers & Photographers.

  1. First group is of those, who are well skilled in winning the jobs and shooting the events at their best but just can not finish the edit and deliver on time. This conundrum costs money and peace of mind.
  2. Second group want to expand their business and increase their profits. After all, what is the point of a business without good profits? Unfortunately, lack of reliable finishing and delivery makes it impossible. 
  3. Third group is simply shooters. They are great at shooting but editing just is not their cup of tea. After all, having a family & social life is important too.
  4. Finally the forth group is the Winners Group because they have great social and family life and make great profits and simply leave the headache of editing and delivery to us.

Come on, Join the Winners Group and see the difference.

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Video Packages


Raw footage max 1 hours

Final film approx: 30min
Total Cost: £125

Package One is a competitively priced Package. If you have an event shot on a single camera and the total raw footage does not exceed 1 hour then this is the best option for you. You can either tell us how long the final edit should be or we can edit to a duration which the given footage allows us to (approx 30 minutes).


Raw footage max 3 hours
Total price: £225

We are aware that you might shoot more than just one hour of raw footage in many events, especially the per wedding events in the Asian and some other communities.So this is where Package Two comes into action. We will take up to 3 hours long  raw footage of a single camera and turn it into a beautiful 60 minutes of final film.


Raw footage max 6 hours
Total price: £350

If you shoot big events and have raw footage that is of single camera but up to 6 hours in length, then Package Three will suit you the best. Usually, these are main events of Hindu Weddings etc. We are aware that these events are usually filmed with full fanfare on multi cameras but in case if you do end up with a single cam event then you know that we do have a package for you.

Contact Us

Contact us for a no obligation chat via any of the following. Please note that all our services and discussion are fully confidential.

Email: info@editjungle.com

Phone: +447514670413


*We are based in London, UK. To maintain our existing clients confidentiality, we do not allow visits to our studios. We are apologetic for this.

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