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What is Edit Jungle?

Edit Jungle is a video post production company operating out of London. We edit videos for wedding video makers all over the country. Our editing suites are based on FCP (Mac) as well as Adobe Premiere (windoes) ensuring that we can offer a wide range of video editing solutions to you. We can take the raw footage on many formats including Mini DV, DVDs, VHS, SD cards and AVCHD media cards. Final video can be provided on as a project file, HD movie, MPEG, DVD or a web-based format for you to upload to Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook.

How does it work?

We have created a system for every part of the journey of your video so that things can work as smoothly as possible. For instance, We will give you a song and instructions list which you will ask your client to go through and edit. This way we all know what your client wants. We will then edit the video in segments as things unfold during the event. These segments will be ready for you and your client to see. Client can note down changes for that segment and you tell us and we amend the video. Approved video ready as movies of as XML, what ever takes your fancy and job done.

Video Editing packages

We offer 3 video editing packages