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    You shoot and we edit is our slogan at edit jungle. We simply want to extend our editing experties to wedding videographers who struggle to deliver on time

Welcome To Edit Jungle

Edit Jungle is a video & photo editing company. We offer professional video & photo editing services. Our clients range from wedding videographers to general public and corporate Clients. We have also added photo sorting, colour correction, touchup and photo album services. Try our video & photo editing services once and you will  never want to go elsewhere. 

Package Tailored To Your Needs

We offer a complete turnkey and affordable video & photo editing services for every situation. May be you are looking for wedding video editing services, or personal video editing services, or it is your business that needs video & photo editing service, for a training video, corporate how to video, social media video or just a product showreel, our packages will suit you all. To keep the things simple, we have added a cost calculator to our website. Try it and see if we can be of any help to you. Please just remember that calculator will only offer you a cost estimation so if you need even better price and more suitable package then just get in touch.

– we operate a strong client confidentiality policy –



You can obtain our wedding video editing services in a few simple steps. Here is how it is done:

  • Pick up a phone & call os on 07514670413 (UK)
  • Or email us on amrit@editjungle.com
  • Or use our contact form which is simple as a couple of clicks
  • Send us your footage on a tape / hard drive / memory card / USB stick
  • We edit your footage to your requirements*
  • You review our work online
  • After approval, we send the completed edit on a pre agreed format.

You shoot we edit


We understand that compatibility is one of the major requirements of editing workflow. To ensure that we can easily work as your backend extension, we only use two main industry standard editing systems. For this, Apple's FCPX & Adobe Premiere take the centre stage in our edit suits. 


Davinci Resolve is our main systems of choice when it comes to colour grading. We have been using this system for a few years now, especially for our corporate and film work. So we are big fans of it and are happy to bring it to Edit Jungle.


When it comes to photography post production, I do not know anything better than Photoshop. It is my main workhorse and I hope that you will agree too.

– we operate a strong client confidentiality policy –

video editing systems
video editing systems

Our History

Edit Jungle is especially setup to service the wedding video production industry. My name is Amrit Basran and I have worked in the Television production and post-production sector for over 25 years. I am a highly skilled and experienced Editor, Director & Producer. My work includes film trailers and marketing pop videos for features films such as Bend It Like Beckham & Slumdog Millionaire. Now I bring this experience to provide high end support to those who wish to give their wedding video production a cut above the rest.

I fully understands that wedding video and photography industry is a very demanding. For many reasons it can not be compared to television production and post production industry. One of the main reason is that most of the couples may not understand the dynamics of this business but they all want an epic wedding video and they want them like yesterday. I also understand the value of creating a master piece and delivering it on time. I believes that Edit Jungle will exceed your expectations and we will form a fully confidential and long term business relationship to provide you television production and post production services. 

television production
television post production
video post production
post production services

Fully Confidential Service

Video Editing Packages

Our video editing packages are tailor to meet the needs of today's wedding videographers as well as corporate companies and general public. You can choose to make them as creative or as simple as you wish. We have classified our video editing packages as Creative Items, wedding video body and corporate edits. Please see more details of our video editing packages and cost calculator below the image.


  • One Camera Single Event Shoot
  • Up to 5 hours of footage
  • Editied down to around 1 hours
  • Total Cost: £200

*Extra Camera £15/hour


  • One Camera Single Event Shoot
  • Up to 5 hours of footage
  • Editied down to around 1 hours
  • Fully colour corrected & graded
  • Total Cost: £300

*Extra Camera £20/hour

***Please contact us to discuss londer events.


Today's weddings are filmed on all sorts of formats and numbers of camera vary too. So for your convenience, we have compressed our various body video editing packages to just one. Reason is simple, we all agree that the main purpose of the body of the video is to show the main event in all its glory. The visuals need to flow smoothly and music and sound need to add value to the visuals. Video should reveal the events as they unfolded on the day and that is exactly what we will do.

To clarify, we follow your style to maintain your signature on your videos. At the end of the day, they are your videos and they need to deliver what you have sold to your client. So be rest assured, we will follow your style. You will need to send one copy of your top video once and that's all.


We take pride in saying that we possibly are the pioneers who introduced some amazing items into this industry. These creative items are the main attraction of our video editing package.


  • Maximum length: 90 sec
  • Maximum names with images: 10
  • Or maximum names without images: 16
  • Total Cost: £100

Opening titles are an amazing piece of creative work that adds a great opening to the videos. It also gives a boost to those who have worked hard to make the day so special and are being mentioned in the titles.


Maximum length: 90sec.
Total price: £150

We have created trailers for more than 13 feature films, Bend It Like Beckham, Slumdog Millionaire & All in Good Time are a few to mention. At the turn of this decade, In 2009 we decided to bring that experience to wedding video industry and since then, we have produced countless trailers. I am sure that you must have already seen many and praised their quality & creativity but unfortunately, we are very proud of maintaining the confidentiality of our clients for which we can not add one here. So, if you are going to choose only one thing our of our video editing packages, choose the cinematic trailer.


Maximum length: 3MIN
Total price: £200

This Item is the one to introduce the wedding business to us. We made one reception entry song for my Niece to give her a present. It was a runaway success. The DJ asked us to do one for him and the rest is history.

Highlight VIDEO

Maximum length: 4MIN
Total price: £200

Highlight Video is one of the most used Items today. Just give us the footage and the music of your choice. We will make the visuals flow the music and create the magic that will start with your logo.

Corporate & Commercial Work

My experience in this industry spans over 20 years. I did professional video editing and colour grading of corporate & commercial work for companies & tv channels. I worked with Studio13UK & Genlock Films as a producer, director & editor, as a result I had a chance to make numerous commercials, TV shows and film promos. Below are some of the work that I am allowed to post here. I sincerely hope that you like it.

My first encounter with corporate & commercial work happened when I made my first commercial for a company called Bestways. I have not looked back since and have gone on to produce, direct and edit numerous corporate & commercial work projects.. 

Fully Confidential Service

Corporate & Commercial Work

Editing & Colour Grading

Contact Us

Contact us for a no obligation chat via any of the following. Please note that all our services and discussion are fully confidential.

Email: info@editjungle.com

Phone: +447514670413


*We are based in London, UK. To maintain our existing clients confidentiality, we do not allow visits to our studios. We are apologetic for this.

Big Issue

Video Production & Editing Earning Cap

We all want to earn more than what we need to spend on making our lives comfortable. This is the way it should be but it is not. There can be thousand reasons for this but the reason we face earning cap in video production & editing business, is very simple.

Let me indulge. You will agree with me that there are a few different types of groups of Wedding Videographers & Photographers.

  1. First group is of the great sellers and shooters. In video production & editing business, if you can't sell, you can forget about shooting. So this group is of highly competent people. They can sell well and they can shoot very well but they just can not finish the edit and deliver on time. They get so busy with selling and shooting that they forget that all the footage will need way more time than it needs to shoot. This conundrum costs money and peace of mind. So slowly either they end up leaving this business or shrinking the work.
  2. Second group consists of great business minds. They look at the opportunities and want to build a business empire but face meet problems too. Video production & editing business requires skilled videographers along with creatively and technically competent editors. Unfortunately, they either hit the cap for lack of skilled staff or they face with the competition that is their own creation.
  3. Third group consists of people who are just good videographers. They are great at filming but editing just is not their cup of tea. After all, having a family & social life is important too.
  4. Finally the forth group is the Winners Group. They maintain great social and family life while making great profits. Their secret is simple. They leave the headache of editing and delivery to us.

So if you are running a video production & editing business and want to increase your profits and still maintain a happy social & family life then join the Winners Group.

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